Patented "FRIGO Zone" Technology

For The Ultimate Cool and Comfort

More than just a fancy name.  FRIGOs patented cooling system, not found anywhere in the world, creates the ultimate comfort and cool temperature regulation by eliminating skin-to-skin contact.

With its custom-tuned design unique to your anatomy you will enjoy a comfortable fit every time you wear your FRIGOs.

100% Custom Fit

To Give You Unparalleled Performance

With our unique soft-lock adjustable system FRIGO RevolutionWear is changing the way your nether regions stay cool and comfortable.

This radical new support system results in less perspiration and keeps things totally "FRIGO" Latin for "dry and cool"

Freedom of Movement

To Handle Any Situation

As a high performance leader, athlete, and adventurer you need a boxer brief that can handle the rigorous activity of your daily life while maintaining style, comfort, and protection of your family jewels.

With FRIGO RevolutionWear you can enjoy the freedom of movement you crave without strain, stress, or overheating.

Built To Handle Any Situation

Whether your Running, Biking, Hiking, or Just Having Fun, FRIGO RevolutionWear will support you

Stay Cool Under Pressure

No Matter What the World Throws At You

Engineered with temperature regulation technology and our patented FRIGO Zone netted pouch, you will be able to take on the most strenuous activities life throws at you while keeping your nether regions cool and dry.

Don't let your family jewels suffer another day of insufferable heat and discomfort.

Revitalize yourself with an undergarment that will keep up with your demands and provide unrivaled comfort.

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Warning! This Pair Of Underwear Is Outrageously Comfortable 

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Spending 20 years working with athletes, dietitians, and physical therapy patients, I have seen countless times where men overheat and strain their body from inefficient, constricting, and inferior undergarments.

After rigorously testing FRIGO with therapists, athletes, and rehabilitation patients, I have seen a tremendous boost in performance, ability, and endurance simply by changing their underwear.

Initially I was skeptical, but after seeing these boxer briefs in action I can confidently say these undergarments can increase performance while maintaining thermoregulation.

PhD Physical Performance Systems

Dr. Jerry Charlesworth

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Here's Why FRIGOs Are The First Choice For Professional Athletes

As one of the best shortstops of all time, Derek Jeter understands that life can throw a lot of different obstacles at you.  As a former Yankee Jeter knows that you always have to play at your best to succeed. That is why he chooses FRIGOs over anything else.

With FRIGOs adjustable comfort fit and breath-ability, Jeter is able to stay at peak performance without losing comfort, mobility, or capability.

"When I am training, I need a boxer brief that doesn't constrict and keeps me cool.  With FRIGO I can get through training with zero chaffing and a comfort fit that makes me feel like my family jewels are resting on a cloud."

Crush The Ball In FRIGOs

Watch Derek Jeter

Anytime Carmelo trains he is wearing a pair of FRIGOs.  With its superior undercarriage support and streamlined breath-ability Melo is able to perform at his peak without discomfort or overheating.

"Before FRIGOs it used to get 'Hot' in my draws. Now with FRIGO RevolutionWear I can play at my hardest knowing my nether regions will stay cool and comfortable, whether it's the first or fourth quarter."

FRIGOs are battle tested to handle the pressures of anything you throw at it, whether its the NBA finals or just a pick up game.

Only wears FRIGOs

Carmelo Anthony

Designed For Performance And Built To Last Under Any Situation.


Scientifically Proven Inside The FRIGO Lab

We Asked The Experts What They Thought, The Results Are Shocking

The Results Are In!

After substantial testing and countless double blind studies, physical therapists have discovered that FRIGO RevolutionWear provides more comfort, less perspiration, and lasts longer than any undergarment on the market.

When it comes to pure performance FRIGO has been battle tested, by scientists, athletes, and the everyday user.  What we have found is that FRIGO, keeps Customers cool, comfortable, and in control no matter the situation.

FRIGO Zone Mesh Technology

Maximum breath-ability and comfort with underwear that will keep your package cool in the summer and insulated in the winter.

Designed to handle life's most rigorous demands, these boxer briefs will never quit and easily last 3x longer then the competition.

Superior Durability & Strength

Developed to maximize your range of motion and give you extreme comfort in any situation you throw at it.

Unbridled Freedom of Movement

Using space age materials and expert seamstresses we have created an undergarment designed to prevent friction and eliminate itching through our patented designs.

Anti-Friction & Itching

Get a custom fit every time you wear your FRIGOs with Underwear that molds to your unique endowment.

Unique Soft-Lock System

Adjustable pouch that creates separation, lift, and placement for the perfect fit. Adjustable anywhere and anytime.

Patented Interior Mesh Technology


Style And Comfort Delivered At Discount Prices

Find The Right FRIGO For You

Style, Comfort, And Design Tailored To Your Lifestyle

For an unrivaled experience and comfort fit, nothing beats the FRIGO Mesh Activity.  Whether it's the gym, work, or a night on the town, the FRIGO Mesh Activity can handle your demands.

  • FRIGO Zone™ netted pouch
  • FRIGO patented soft-lock adjustment system
  • Stay4Sure Silicon hem tape
  • Ergonomic Seams

Constructed from a lightweight polyamide/elastane fabric, FRIGO Mesh is perfect for your high intensity needs.  The Breathable fabric keeps you cool when the heat is on and features silicon-taped legs to prevent ride ups and chafing.

Light. Breathable. Mobile.

FRIGO Mesh Activity

For maximum temperature and moisture regulation, there is no better choice then the FRIGO CoolMax.  Designed for extreme temperatures and increased moisture, The FRIGO CoolMax will keep you cool and comfortable in any scenario.

  • Engineered for temperature regulation
  • Superior moisture management
  • Quick dry time
  • Breathable fabric
  • FRIGO Zone™ netted pouch
  • Patented soft-lock adjustment system
  • Stay4Sure Silicon hem tape

Whether facing unbearable heat or crippling cold temperatures, CoolMax technology transports moisture away from the body and out through the fabric to keep the wearer cool and dry on hot days, while fiber structures provide insulation for when he mercury drops.

Ultimate Temperature Regulation


Here's What Our Partners Have To Say

After years and years of being dissatisfied with his undergarments 50 Cent was blown when he got an early look at FRIGO Undewear.  He was so impressed by the quality, comfort, and coolness that FRIGO offered that he invested right on the spot.

About Our Partner: 50 Cent, born Curtis James Jackson III, is an American rapper, entrepreneur, investor and actor from Queens, New York. He rose to fame with the release of his 2003 album Get Rich or Die Tryin’, which has sold more than 8 million copies. The Grammy Award winner has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide and has been awarded numerous accolades.

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson

"Insanely Comfortable. I will Never Go Back"

As a professional basketball player and athlete Carmelo requires underwear that can handle his extreme performance and keep him cool under buzzer beater pressure.  As a leading NBA all-star Melo was surprised and impressed by the performance, style and comfort that FRIGO had to offer.

About Our Partner: Since arriving in the NBA, Carmelo Anthony has not only been one of the top scorers in the league, he has also diversified himself as a player, a family man, a businessman and a philanthropist. Most importantly, Melo has excelled off the court through his philanthropic efforts.

"FRIGO Is A Game Changer When It Comes To Underwear"

Carmelo Anthony

A serial Entrepreneur, Mathias was in grave need of a special kind of undergarment that could handle his active and demanding lifestyle without compromising style or comfort.  After struggling to find an underwear that could meet his expectations, Mathias decided to create his own.  And with that FRIGO Underwear was born!

About Our Partner: Mathias Ingvarsson brings to the Company a strong entrepreneurial and managerial background. Having started multiple successful businesses including Litteraturum,, and most notably founding TemperPedic mattresses.  Managing billions in assets and thousands of employees.

"My Tastes Are Simple, I Simply Love The Best Quality"

Mathias Ingarsson, CEO

The FRIGO Guarnatee

Try For 60 Days Or Your Money Back

Ninety-nine percent of guys love their FRIGO underwear. But if you’re one of those one-percenters, no problem – we still have you covered. If you don’t like your FRIGO purchase, we are happy to refund the price of your purchase no matter where you bought them.